How our ear plugs are made
October 27, 2017

Ortoplug came to life in 2010, but the idea appeared few years earlier..

Remember watching the market and seen what stores had to offer. I felt strong passion to create something new, different and exceptional what does not appear in any other brands, something that is going to stand people out from the crowd.

I always knew wood is a material I want to work with, beautiful and the most natural, environmental friendly … Organic, something for everyone

Took me couple years to master those 3D projects to create patterns I had in my mind …. Today I can say I am happy I did not give up my passion in difficult time. I have small team of few people fascinated about ear gauges , piercing and body modification , they are passionate about their work and can say that we love what we do. I think not many could say it and we are the lucky ones!

You can find our gauges in stores in United Kingdom, Germany, on also make plugs for biggest brands in the world, we do supply small stores and big brands on wholesale basis.

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