Deadpool Wooden Double Flare Ear Plugs size 8mm-40mm
August 9, 2017
Convex Blood wood Organic Flat Wooden Ear Gauges size 4mm-40mm
August 29, 2017
38mm shield05 pink ivory
14mm shield05 lignim vitae
16mm shield05 ebony

Shield05 Handmade Wooden Plugs/Gauges Stretchers size 10mm-40mm

From: £10.00


  • Handmade item
  • Material: Wood
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from United Kingdom

3D pattern Shield05

double flare, handmade, organic plug
Polished by hand with mix of ginseng oil and jojoba liquid wax,

Available in 5 types of wood : Black Ebony, Satinwood, Pink Ivory,Blood Wood or Lignum Vitae,

Thickness: 11mm
Tolerance of +/- 0.5mm
Sizes can be customized upon request

All plugs are made to order


10mm (single), 10mm (pair), 12mm (single), 12mm (pair), 14mm (single), 14mm (pair), 16mm (single), 16mm (pair), 18mm (single), 18mm (pair), 20mm (single), 20mm (pair), 22mm (single), 22mm (pair), 24mm (single), 24mm (pair), 26mm (single), 26mm (pair), 28mm (single), 28mm (pair), 30mm (single), 30mm (pair), 32mm (single), 32mm (pair), 34mm (single), 34mm (pair), 36mm (single), 36mm (pair), 38mm (single), 38mm (pair), 40mm (single), 40mm (pair)


satin wood, ebony black, pink ivory, red heart, lignum vitae

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