Bear in mind, that our products are handmade of wood which is a natural material; therefore color might vary slightly from what you have seen on the picture, it depends on piece of wood that we’re using to make your plug(s). Sometimes the gauge may vary slightly between 0.5mm.
Please be aware that all plugs and earrings are worn at customer's risk. If you will experience any allergic irritations, discontinue the use straightaway and seek for medical advice. Be aware that wood like all natural materials needs to be take care of.
- Use oils to give it a moisture for longer usage.
- Do not wear plugs whilst shower.
- Wood can change its colour when temperatures changes or when got too much moisture.
- Do not store or leave your wooden plugs next to the heater, or in too warm temperatures (it is natural, organic product).
We will not refund any damaged product after its been worn
We always make our products with care and precision. Every item is treated and polished with a mix of ginseng oil and jojoba liquid wax, what guarantee a great quality of our plugs and earrings however we can not take any responsibility for allergic reactions caused by wood.
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